Fermanagh Farmers visit Spanish Beef and Dairy Producers

This study visit to Granada, Spain was developed and facilitated by Heather McLaughlin, Europe Direct NI, for over 40 Fermanagh Farmers.

The programme included beef and dairy visits including the “ Ganaderia Lodaisa S.C.A. a dairy farm near Granada managed by Auricle and his sister Anna Marie. This farm has 420 animals and produces 6500/7500 ltrs of milk. This milk is sent to a local dairy run by the co-operative to be sterilized and bottled and sold directly to residents and through various distribution channels.

“ Los Pastoreros” managed by Mr. Pepe Luis is a co-operative involved in the production, processing and preparation of pasteurised milk as well as fattening pigs. The co-operative also produces dairy products such as cottage cheese and cheesecake. The trademark ” The Pastoreros ” has become over the years a benchmark of quality and prestige in the food sector with its own production and distribution and marketing in the provinces of Granada and Malaga.

The group also visited the world-famous Alhambra Palace with the beautifully landscaped gardens. The palace was built in the 15th Century built and was the residence of the last Moorish king.

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