Stronger in Diversity

The “Decade of Commemorations” marks the 100th anniversary of events which shaped and influenced British & Irish History such as The Ulster Covenant, First World War, Easter Rising, Battle of the Somme and Act of Partition

In 2013, as part of a Peace III funded programme, I arranged a number of talks with expert historians as well as a memorabilia roadshow where local people could take along their artefacts and have historical provide some more detail on the the significance of their items.

It was a wonderful opportunity to capture all of these events on a DVD and I was delighted when Dr Éamon Phoenix agreed to tie it all together by filming some of the key historical sites related to the Decade of Commemorations around the Dungannon area.

Thanks to Éamon and his expertise in front of the camera we spent a wonderful day filming key locations around Dungannon and County Tyrone.

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Portuguese Students Visit London

From the 2 – 5 December 2014 a group of 21 students from Escola Secundária de Oliveira do Bairro visited London. The students represented three professional courses in Travel Marketing; Laboratory Analysis and industrial Maintenance and proved to be model guests to the UK who were respectful, thoughtful and interested in everything they saw.

Before arriving in London the students had prepared for their visit by researching all the key sites and had produced their own guide to the city. At the beginning of each day the students helped to plan and agree the sites to be visited. Students were appointed to take it in turn to plan the route using the London underground and lead the group using the various colour coded tube lines. At each site the students were responsible for explaining the history and interesting facts to their peers in English.

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