ENWRA European Network for Women from Rural Areas: Project Meeting Germany 10 – 13 December 2014

In December it was the turn of the German partner to host a visit to Welver-Dinker, a rural area in the district of Soest.

The visit to Germany was the fifth visit to take place between the partner of the ENWRA project, part of a programme of visits funded through The European Network of Women from Rural Areas (ENWRA) which is a partnership between organisations in Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Northern Ireland.

The visit began with a formal meeting to discuss the project work plan and to review the objectives which had been achieved and what needed to be completed. After the meeting participants had the opportunity to meet women from this rural area. Visits included a visit to a real shop where a women sold English decorations, a woman’s farm and agricultural business models for apartments and rentals.

The group heard from Rural Youth, and from young women of Lohne before enjoying a performance of the men’s choir from Dinker.

Video Germany

Portuguese Students Visit London

Delighted to arrange this visit from the 2 – 5 December 2014 a group of 21 students from Escola Secundária de Oliveira do Bairro visited London. The students represented three professional courses in Travel Marketing; Laboratory Analysis and industrial Maintenance and proved to be model guests to the UK who were respectful, thoughtful and interested in everything they saw.

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