Training: Working with Clients from other Cultures

Training has recently been delivered to an engineering company who work with clients from Qatar, India, Japan, China, USA and Russia. The workshops explored some of the issues which had caused some problems in agreeing services and finalising contracts.

Today, knowing how to manage in culturally different business environments is crucial for business success.

Intercultural competence is the ability to understand your own approach and the approach of the other culture in order to adjust your communication style to the different cultural communication styles.

Communication styles differ according to the cultural norms of each culture. This includes all aspects of verbal and non verbal communication when speaking, agreeing, planning, team working and managing people.

Intercultural competence is also the ability to recognise the different verbal and non verbal styles and to adjust to the different ways of communicating.

Yes in some cultures mean ‘I hear you’ not ‘I agree’

Do you know how long your cultural pause is? Cultures working together with different cultural pauses often cut each other off! This often the reason why issues aren’t raised at meetings because we move on and don’t provide time for people with a slower cultural pause to raise their concerns.