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Park & District Farmers: Agriculture in Poland 2016

Park & District Farmers group visited Poland in July 2016 to meet farmers involved in beef, dairy, sheep and pig farming to learn how they operate and run their farms.

The group of 26 farmers were based in Krakow and over the six day programme visited a variety of farms including a Blonde d’Aquitane and Simmental breeders and a Suffolk sheep farm which also stocked red Angus.

Chairman, Gareth Feeney said ‘this was a great opportunity to see how small family owned farms operate with a typical holding of 8 hectares’.

The group also visited one of the largest farms in Poland, a collective of four farms, with 1900 ha, 900 milk cows and biogas electro-plant employing over 80 workers.

A local agricultural show provided the opportunity to meet over 60 exhibitors and see 88 native Polish breeds including Polish Red, White-backed, Puławska cattle and Polish merino, Wrzosówka, Świniarka and Coloured Polish Mountain sheep.

The group took the opportunity to visit an agricultural machines supplier stocking McCormack and Ursus Tractors and hear about the work being carried out by the Institute of breeding on experimental fields.

As well as looking at agriculture in Poland the group visited the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine, a UNESCO listed site since 1978 as well as taking a guided tour of Auschwitz concentration camp.


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