School International Day

It was great to provide resources for this school who were holding an International day on 30th September with 105 new first year pupils. The pupils received the EU materials to learn about the member states, languages of the EU and use them to create posters, flags and bunting for the school.




EU Citizenship Workshop in School

Delivering workshops on Understanding the EU and Citizenship in school for 96

year 10 students to promote an understanding of how the EU works and the rights of citizens to live, work and study in other regions.

Students carried out activities to explore EU Member states, EU Languages, opportunities to volunteer through EVS to improve language skills and the importance of languages in job mobility and the rights of citizens to live, work and study on other regions.



In Business which are you – Reserved or Emotional?

In some cultures behaving in a calm and reserved way in business is considered essential  as a sign of professionalism. A more emotional culture will expresses their feelings and emotions as a sign of passion and interest in the business.

The reserved culture will consider the emotional culture as weak and lacking professional calm under pressure. The more emotional culture views this reservation as a lack of interest and engagement in the process. Each misinterprets the others’ intentions.

Understanding the hidden value behind each style leads to a better understanding of each others’ approach. It helps you understand why you can feel offended when no offence was intended and how you can fail to connect with each other which affects working relationships.

Communication impacts on how relationships are developed, how meetings are conducted, decisions made and agreements reached.

Developing cultural awareness skills means getting to know yourself before you can understand the other!