Lid+ Erasmus+ Market Place

LID+ with the support of YouthActionNI, The Education Authority, Boys and Girls Clubs Northern Ireland and EUROPE Direct Information Centre – Northern Ireland, delivered a an Erasmus+ ‘Market Place’ event on the 8 December 2017.

This was an interactive celebration event to mark the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, and provide an opportunity for local groups to exhibit and promote models of practice (past and present) that have been developed within and/or for the International Youth Work Sector. It provided an opportunity for groups from across Northern Ireland that have been involved in International Youth Work over the decades to showcase and promote their work to a wide audience including young people, youth workers, trainers, policy makers, educators and academics.

Lid+ Contact Making Seminar

This was the second contact making seminar organised by Lid+ to bring together 11 Erasmus+ experts from across Europe with 11 local youth organisations to work together 1:1 to develop an Erasmus+ application.

This support was to provide local youth organisations with no experience of Erasmus+ with the opportunity to develop a project from idea to an application ready to submit for the February 2018 deadline.

The Erasmus+ experts came from Poland, Slovenia, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Gambia and Jamaica.

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CRANE: Field Testing Training of Trainers Bologna, 6 – 15 December 2017

Meeting in Bologna to develop the training programme for farmers to support them develop multi functional farms in their region.

The training was developed following the results of a questionnaire circulated amongst existing multifunctional famers in each the four partner regions of Malta, Spain, Italy and Northern Ireland.

The meeting included visits to an educational farm and a social farm.

CRANE Project

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