Why having another language is a good choice

This workshop was for year 10 pupils to help them understand the importance of languages for careers and personal development. We used a number of activities and quizzes to look at the many languages across the world and how knowledge of a few key languages can help you communicate. Languages are increasingly sought after by local employers who export goods and services across the Europe and internationally.



Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: Bulgaria

This youth exchange to Bulgaria 18 – 22 February 2017 included youth and youth leaders from Bulgaria, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and Northern Ireland (UK).

The youth exchange is part of an Erasmus+ Euro-Youth MediaLab project which includes partners from Croatia, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.

Five Youth and their youth leader from Vineyard youth group, Dungannon participated in the youth exchange. The youth explore migration, integration and including doing the 5 day programme.

Why you need languages no matter what you plan to do!

The workshop was for 75 year 10 pupils who are having to make very important decision about which subjects they should chose for GCSE. It’s difficult to know at this stage in your life exactly what direction your life or career will take you but our world is increasingly global and connected and even if you don’t chose to move the world comes to you! Languages can be useful in any walk of life and give you an advantage.