Youth MADE Project

The Youth MADE Project (Youth Making a Difference in Europe) is an Erasmus+ funded project with partners from: Project Title: Youth Making a Difference in Europe.

The project supports young people to participate in youth exchanges to explore migration and share different views to develop informed opinions and gain respect for diversity.

The first youth exchange took place in Puget- Theniers, France and included 5 youth and 1 youth leader from each partner region from the 22- 26 May 2018.

The youth took part in  a range of activities including moving debates, world cafe convesations, human library discussion with migrants and refugees and created presentations and produced multimedia reports to disseminate their activities.

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CRANE: Multifunctional Farm Training

The aim of the Erasmus+ CRANE project is to provide farmers involved in multifunctional farms with the skills and competencies required to fulfill their role of promoting and informing people about agriculture through non formal education.

The project partners are from the UK, Spain, Malta and Italy.

Each of the partner regions are expert in different areas of multifunctional faming and they use their expereinces to develop and share training to support farmers in other regions develop different activites on their farms to improve their income.

The training was developed and tested with 2 farmers from each region in Malta during the 14 – 18 May 2018.

The training included:

General introduction on multifunctional farms and the results of the questionanares carried out with farmers invovled in multifunctional activitie in the  project countries.

Modules included:
Agritourism (Italy)
Marketing Strategy (Malta)
Direct Selling (Spain)
Social Farms (UK)
Educational Farms (Italy)`
Economics in Multifunctional farms (Malta)
Sustainability (Italy)

The training also included visits to multifunctional farms in Gozo.

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Europe Day!

Europe Day is the name of an annual observance by the European Union (EU), held on the 9 May each year.

It is also known as Schuman Day, in commemoration of the 1950 Schuman Declaration. It is the EU’s “equivalent of a national day”

This year the European Commission Representation celebreated Europe Day in the new Titanic Hotel in the Titanic quater with past and present Heads of representation reflecting on their time in office and the changes that had taken place over almost 30 yrs.



Women return to work project

The Women Return to Work Project is two year project funded through wrwErasmus+.

The aim of the project is to prepare women of all ages (local, migrant, refugee and disabled) to return to employment or entrepreneurship after a period of economic inactivity by developing their key skills and competencies to improve labour mobility especially in rural areas where finding employment can be more difficult by providing them with explore opportunities to create employment.

Each partner will provide their expertise in specific areas: Sweden will present its ISO 9001 certified mentoring programme; Northern Ireland (UK), its working models for increased business enterprise; Poland, its effort on behalf of persons with disability and Turkey, its training initiatives for job seekers, especially women.

A dissemination meeting was held in Turkey 3 – 4 May 2018 to share the results of the project at the end of its two year term.

During the disseimantion event the partners from Sweden, Poland, UK and Turkey met with some of the groups of women in the various trianing centres run by KOMEK. The women receive training to support them return to work through KOMEK who deliver trianing to over 30, 000 women each year.

The group visits Culture Park Sale Centre whi help to sell the products the women create during their workshops such as ceramics, lace, pottery, art works. Visits also took place to Saman Pazarı Furnishings Workshop Buyuk Sinan Art and Design Center and Karatay Women’s Club as well as Konya Ecdat Park to meet and share the benefits of participating in the Women return to work project.

As it was the end of the training year a speical celebration exhibition was held to exhibit and display all the items the women had produced and to celebrate their development throughout the year. The exhibition was attended by over 500 people at the İrfan Cultural Centre.

On the final day a seminar was held where each of the partners shared the best practice from their region and heard from some of the success stories from women who had taken part in the programme which had helped them to set up their own businesses.

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