CRANE: Multifunctional Farm Training

The aim of the Erasmus+ CRANE project is to provide farmers involved in multifunctional farms with the skills and competencies required to fulfill their role of promoting and informing people about agriculture through non formal education.

The project partners are from the UK, Spain, Malta and Italy.

Each of the partner regions are expert in different areas of multifunctional faming and they use their expereinces to develop and share training to support farmers in other regions develop different activites on their farms to improve their income.

The training was developed and tested with 2 farmers from each region in Malta during the 14 – 18 May 2018.

The training included:

General introduction on multifunctional farms and the results of the questionanares carried out with farmers invovled in multifunctional activitie in the  project countries.

Modules included:
Agritourism (Italy)
Marketing Strategy (Malta)
Direct Selling (Spain)
Social Farms (UK)
Educational Farms (Italy)`
Economics in Multifunctional farms (Malta)
Sustainability (Italy)

The training also included visits to multifunctional farms in Gozo.

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