About Eurolink/ Europe Direct

Eurolink is an initiative of The Rural Centre, a non profit organisation which began in 1993 to promote cross community peace building and respect for cultural diversity to the inhabitants of Northern Ireland.

The Rural Centre’s vision is to create an inclusive and accepting society that understands and respects cultural diversity. It achieves this by connecting people to collaborate and build relationships cross community, cross border and between other regions of Europe to share expertise and knowledge through study visits, European projects and cultural awareness training.

Europe Direct Northern Ireland EDNILOGO
The Rural Centre hosts Europe Direct Northern Ireland, an EU information office which is part of a network with over 500 offices in each of the 28 Member States. Europe Direct Northern Ireland provides information on EU policies, programmes, EU funding and advice on your rights as an EU citizen. With offices across the EU we can help you reach the right people and projects across a wide range of sectors & interests.

Study Visits
Tailor made educational and best practice study visits within this region or to other regions of Europe providing an opportunity to see and learn onsite to explore shared history, share expertise, knowledge and the exchange of best practice between regions.

Event Management
A full event management service within this or other regions of Europe. Providing a personal and flexible approach for all your event needs.

European Projects
European Projects (often called transnational partnerships) involve working with partners from other regions of Europe to collaborate and find innovative solutions to common problems. European projects can strengthen the capacity to innovate, modernize and adapt to social and economical challenges. We can help you find links and partnerships within the region and across Europe.

Cultural Awareness Training
Training is designed and delivered across all sectors and explores how culture shapes how we behave and communicate and provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to communicate effectively across cultures and promote acceptance and respect for diversity.